Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can we look?


Rules Governing Satellite Voting Stations

721- 21.300(5)(i) Supplies needed for each satellite absentee voting station: One or more ballot boxes equipped with locks and key, or tamper proof seals.

721- 21.300 (11)Issuing Absentee Ballots at Satellite Locations: #10 Storing Voted Ballots ... store them in a locked box.

Goodbye Victor! Goodbye ballot secrecy!

*Unfortunately this is one of many examples of the complete and utter disregard for the laws governing these places.*

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shots while we vote?


On 10/16 at the Northwest Community Center in Des Moines the satellite voting station was serving multiple purposes..... YES WE CAN was really hoping for "I VOTED TODAY" band-aids. Unfortunately, with all the money being spent on these satellite stations the band-aids were line-item vetoed



Billy Gene says she wanted to bring the voting out to the people in her mobile park because up to 50% of them are elderly or handicapped. Billie cared enough about her neighbors voting that she knew she could do something to make it easier for them. Billy doesn’t have a car, but she spent the entire morning hurrying around her mobile home park and nearby areas posting “Vote Today” Signs so that her neighbors knew it was time to vote. She was quick to yell at anyone passing by or coming into the center to get their mail that they needed to vote today.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Register on site?


Iowa voter registration laws....

With Love from Rome... P.S. Can we vote?


A concerned citizen from Sioux City, IA made a trip to her auditor's office last week to inquire into some political mailings her family kept receiving. She discovered that several individuals unknown to her or her family had registered to vote using their address in 2004. Even more concerning is the fact that one of these folks, (Iowans love this word) Mr. David Loepp, had already requested and recieved his 2008 absentee ballot via international mail in ROME. Voter fraud in Iowa? Never!

Remember why?


At Simpson College last week the co-president for the student democrats wanted to make sure the voiceless had a voice. How does one do that?

1)Take pictures of the voter roll
2) Wear campaign buttons and stickers into the polling place
3) Stand in line with them so you can continually remind them they have a right to be heard
4) All the above

Thanks EJ!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Throw it away?


With all these allegations of voter fraud breaking on a daily basis everyone can rest assure that ballot security and fraud prevention is of the upmost importance at satellite voting locations in Iowa. Consider the picture as proof.
*The card board box in this picture was actually the ballot box for Drake University satellite voting location.*

Mobile Home Voting?


Tomorrow Johnson County will open a satellite voting station at the Iowa City Mobile Home Community Center. YES WE CAN has only one question would voting at a mobile home park be considered curb-side voting under Iowa law?

Can true American heroes give blood and vote in the same day?


Tomorrow in Des Moines at the Northwest Community Center true heroes can give blood and vote in the same small space. An observant "observer," and friend of YES WE CAN, was at this location and noticed the Blood Drive Tomorrow ads and asked the poll workers. (after voting was over of course so they didn't interfere or intimidate voters.)

No fear there will be assistance available for those voters who are a little lightheaded or passed out from giving blood. (Just make sure you designate this person and sign the forms before you give blood.)