Thursday, October 16, 2008

With Love from Rome... P.S. Can we vote?


A concerned citizen from Sioux City, IA made a trip to her auditor's office last week to inquire into some political mailings her family kept receiving. She discovered that several individuals unknown to her or her family had registered to vote using their address in 2004. Even more concerning is the fact that one of these folks, (Iowans love this word) Mr. David Loepp, had already requested and recieved his 2008 absentee ballot via international mail in ROME. Voter fraud in Iowa? Never!


Mary said...

There does appear to be a David Loepp living in Rome, apparently part of an archaeological team.

Perhaps this is a result of a typo'd address rather than outright vote fraud?

hopefully optimistic said...

Loepp may be a real person living in Rome but Loepp does not live at the address listed on his registration card (never has either). By signing the registration form Loepp swore that he did in fact live at the address listed.... You decided but YES WE CAN believes that when it comes to voting ignorance has to stop being used as an excuse...

David Loepp said...

The house in question was built by my grandfather in the 1920’s. Our family owned the property and lived there until the early seventies. In short the Loepps owned, built and resided in the house for nearly fifty years.

According to the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act a US citizen who lives abroad, regardless of whether he intends to return, may only register to vote in the last place where he or she was domiciled in US territory.

Anyone may file a complaint against another person, presumably first weighing the pros and cons of one’s actions. In due time the competent authorities will process the complaint.

It’s a different matter to publicize a complaint on the internet.

You are requested to remove the photo of my registration form and put in its place a declaration to the sense that the photo of the said registration form has been removed at my request.

redstaterabroad said...

David Loepp correctly states the federal provisions covering overseas voters.

It is APPALLING that his registration form appears here; I second his call for it to be removed.